Value Added Services

Value Added Services

Services provided according to your projects special needs

→ Plasma and Laser and Saw Cuttings

→ Shot Blasting and Painting

→ Anti Corrosive Protection and Galvanizing

→ Grinding / Drilling / Bevelling Ends

→ Cut to Length /Size

→ Perforation and Cold Forming

→ Forgings

→ Custom design/ made manufacturing as per drawings

→ Built up Sections

→ Welding and preparation of Modules

→ Production of Pressure Vessels and Dish Heads

→ Manufacturing of Post and Pre-Tensioning Components / System

→ ...

" SEPKON is capable of supply of stel raw material as per your project needs as well as ready to serve with above value added services / operations to rapid up your project competion time and enable cost cuttings..."